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  • PPC Industry Experts – Unlike big ad agencies who do radio, TV, print, direct mail, etc., we do one thing and we do it well – Google Ads & Facebook Paid Search – Pay Per Click (PPC) – It’s our entire ball game. 
  • Affordable Pricing – Unlike brick and mortar Google Ad agencies with fancy offices and large overheads, we keep our costs low and therefore can provide our Google Ads & Facebook Management services at a fraction of agency prices.  Our startup package is the most affordable.
  • Specialize In Small Business – Unlike large PPC Management agencies who don’t even look at clients with advertising budgets less than $10,000 a month, we specialize in startups and small businesses with advertising budgets that start out low and grow with their online success!  Thus, giving all our clients – large and small –  a powerful PPC edge over the competition.
  • No Long-Term Contracts – We are confident in our ability to solve your Google Ads or Facebook Pay-Per-Click challenges, and see no reason to require long-term contracts.
  • The Work We Do Belongs To You – All HOC Production work is done entirely within your Google Ads, Facebook or Bing PPC paid search accounts.  The work we do belongs to you, and will remain in your PPC accounts should you ever decide to remove them from our PPC management.  PPC accounts are a business asset that will always be fully accessible, transferable and funded directly by you. In other words, our Pay-Per-Click Management work is completely transparent – and under your control.

Our in-house media planning and buying teams are Google-certified and have deep experience in managing campaigns of Google Ads and Bing at any scale to drive results. Spark delivers Revenue On Investment, focused strategies optimized to deliver measurable business impact.

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Google AdWords Campaign Management Expertise Includes

Google Ads/PPC Keyword Research
Google Ads/PPC Keyword Grouping
Google Ads/PPC Negative Keyword Setup
Google Ads/PPC Ad Group and Campaign Development
Google Ads/PPC Ad Text Creation
Google Ads/PPC Landing Page Monitoring
Google Ads/PPC Product Listing Ads
Google Ads/PPC Ad Extensions
Google Ads/PPC Click To Call Tracking
Google Ads/PPC Local Optimization (if wanted)
Google Ads/PPC Conversion Tracking
Google Ads/PPC ROI Monitoring
Google Ads/PPC Tracking & Reporting
Google Ads/PPC Optimization

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HOC Production – Our PPC Paid Search Management Methods

  • Advanced Keyword Research and Campaign Setup – Even if our client has an existing pay-per-click Internet advertising campaign, HOC Production performs Pay Per Click keyword research to ensure the campaigns and ad groups are running with the appropriate keywords and relevant grouped properly for the highest quality scores.
  • Creative Text Ad Development – HOC Production creates effective Google ad text (very attractive) that highlights unique selling points. and take users to relevant landing pages to help maximize click-through and Google Ads conversion rates to earn ROI.
  • PPC Landing Page Optimization – HOC Production will optimize and identify the best existing landing pages and improve Pay Per Click landing pages to facilitate site-level PPC conversion.
  • Google Ads Tracking Consultation – HOC Production works with your staff in generating codes necessary for tracking PPC conversions.
  • Google Ads Advertisement & Campaign Submission – HOC Production will upload and submit the PPC keywords and associated ad groups and campaigns along with the text ads for approval by the PPC search engines
  • PPC Account Settings – HOC Production sets up and monitors the numerous account settings such as daily spend, keyword match type, target geographic areas and more, to help your business reach its Google Ads ROI goals.
  • PPC Bid Management & ROI Tracking – HOC Production monitors and adjusts the cost-per-click (CPC) bids at the keyword level in order to give your business the best results possible from your  Google Ads/Bing PPC campaigns. Your CPC bid refers to the amount you pay for a click on your ad when the ad appears on PPC search engines..
  • Continual Google Ads/Bing Campaign Assessment & Optimizing – HOC Production, in order to improve overall results, monitors and changes ad copy (title/description) as well as individual PPC keyword bids on a regular basis.  In addition, the need for negative keywords will be monitored and added to the Google Ads campaigns and ad groups as needed to improve ROI.  Over time, this will improve Google Ads quality scores and ultimately lower your spend for each PPC keyword providing you with better results from your online PPC advertising.