What is Social Media Marketing/Services?

Marketing is a waste field which is built with different components of marketing. From the start of the business era or you can say industrialization businessman see marketing as a core ingredient in any business success. They spend a lot of money on their product marketing through different means. If we see the start of marketing and till date marketing, the basic techniques are the same. From the start of marking the main propose of it to engage new and old customers and for that businessman use different medium and campaigns. There are a lot of marketing campaigns or techniques which change the dimension of marketing and its way of implications. But the main and core agenda of marketing remains the same.

Marketing is the only department of the business world who adopt all kind of change most willingly. In other departments of business, we see resistance against change in a different period. But the marketing department always welcomes change and tries to get maximum out of that change. That’s why we see this department working on the most advanced channels of working in all eras. Starting from print media to digital media marketing is the only department who work on every changed medium.